Red Polka Dots

Red Polka Dots

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Shay By ShiningWaters Updated Mar 28, 2016

*Book 1 (The Pairing Trilogy)*

Everyone in Scarlette High knew of the day of 'The Pairing'.

It was meant to be an event that not only every senior had to attend, but also an event that aimed to draw closer two beings in the hopes that they might be meant for each other.

That they might fall in love.

And now as 'The Pairing' drew closer, fate definitely had something in store.

He thought he was too pathetic, too weak to protect anyone, and too worthless to even deserve to be loved.

She was afraid, terrified of it for it was love that had one of the most precious things taken away from her.

Can a bullied boy and a mute girl actually find love when all they've known all their lives was to be alone?

Or was this pairing thing all a mistake?

But what they both did know that they were bound... 

By Red Polka Dots.