Wild and Running for One Reason: So They Won't Kill Us!! - A BVB Thriller

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Sapphire Von Asters (MeL) ××× By BloodSapphire Completed
What would you do if you found out you were adopted?? What if your favorite celebrity was actually your brother and he was adopted too?? What if there were people after you who want to kill you because of who your mother was?? 
    Those are questions Ryder asks herself when she finds out that Jake Pitts is really her brother and that both are adopted. 
    Soon, strange stuff happens and they realize people are out to kill them because their mother was a modern gypsy who by the time Ryder was a baby, was executed in accusations of black magic by the Socialists, secret officers who wanted a utopia for society free from happiness, freedom, expression, and individuality. 
    Will Ryder, Jake, and their friends defeat the Socialists and continue their mother's legacy or will they fail and let the Socialists rule even the world?? 
    My First Thriller. Enjoy!!
I generally try not to with the stories I'm writing (haven't posted any yet) but I had a cool idea based on a song that involved a family background like that
The woman's her mom and Jake's her dad and the woman was a gypsy and Ryder got adopted and she married Jake to keep safe
I would just like to say that I like the fact that Ryder doesn't seem like a depressed teen with a horrible family background so far, which is sadly a cliché in fanfiction. Love the story.