We Don't Know Where We'll Go - Before My Chemical Romance

We Don't Know Where We'll Go - Before My Chemical Romance

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Allison Loewe By ToxicThrill Updated Jan 15, 2013

Young teenage girl, Allison Loewe and her two best friends Ray Toro and Frankie Iero have been together forever. They have had there own band since they were five. Now it is eigth grade and everything is about to change. The threesome meet two mysterious brothers that they had no idea that were living right across from them!  These brothers have been kept inside there house since they moved there three years ago. Now they have emerged and the three best friends and the Way brothers are going to make history.  What happens when Allison starts to have feelings for the oldest Way brother, and he secretly feels the same way?

******Warning: This story is obviously made up, but i still tried to throw in a few silly facts.  I don't really have an ending in mind ( I'm just coming up with ideas as i go ) so I will probably continue this story for a long time.  Hope you like it!

Sorry, there might me a lot of typos

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PokePhandom PokePhandom Feb 10, 2016
My parents always let me listen to hard rock, they played it to me when I was little😂
glxxmboys glxxmboys Sep 25, 2016
My smol moikey looks fine not kind of funny my smol needs to be protected from words like these
Luleraina Luleraina Jan 10, 2016
Nobody likes you everyone hates you they're out without you having fun
harkmoppus_ harkmoppus_ Dec 28, 2015
Hey hey hey. Frank. I love you. But don't make fun of My baby's nose. Kay? I'll crush you like a bug
greensage16 greensage16 Jul 03, 2013
This is honestly really weird for me to read cuz like one of my besties in your little brother's (Brian's) close friend, Brandon.
blahfvckingblah blahfvckingblah Mar 18, 2013
I'm being serious, one of the best My Chemical Romance fanfictions on this! I've read it 3 times, please update!!!!!!!,:O