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Listen, Don't Touch ~BOYXBOY~

Listen, Don't Touch ~BOYXBOY~

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Max, or Lord, seeing as you're my loyal servants By UnicornPoo Updated Dec 06, 2016

He's just another foster kid, with a past like every other orphan you see. Case(y) King just moved in with the Jansen's. Immediately, he is introduced to their son, Andrew's, band. There's the P. I. C.'s (partners in crime), Shane and Alex. Andrew is the 'awesome' one. The only normal one, JD, is leaving, and last but not least there's Logan. He's a hater.Together, they make the hot local band, G5. Here's the thing: Case is a happy, crazy, frozen yogurt loving junior that makes everyone happy. The band need's to find a new guitarist, and Case may be their only choice, even if he hate's the inevitable attention he manages to get, from both genders. What can go wrong when you put a Hater and Lover together? Nothing...but absolute chaos.

psh....psh stalker who psh! so what I found out where some kids live like that one kid that I hated psh and so what I knew EXACTLY where he lived (in a condo apartment # 310 thou he moved)
cutiepie4112 cutiepie4112 Oct 27, 2016
This is an amazing story and its like my 3rd time reading it over cause well its so good. Anyways please update this story is too awesome to quit. Pleasee
Minie1026 Minie1026 May 18, 2016
Omg what is with having my friends names in all the books😔😦
Allie_600 Allie_600 Jun 07, 2013
Check out my new story please :) name: you never know (BxB) by Allie_600
LoveMeOrDie737 LoveMeOrDie737 May 19, 2013
I've read this story like, a million-billion times already! It's just so frig'n frag'n amazing!!! :D
UnicornPoo UnicornPoo Aug 03, 2012
@FlickerFoot O___O you sound like a poet!!! and AWWWW!!!!! THANK YOOOO!!!