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Cursed with the Alpha

Cursed with the Alpha

88.4K Reads 2.2K Votes 6 Part Story
CharcoalStorm By CharcoalStorm Completed

A rogue werewolf finds herself kidnapped by her abusive, alpha mate. Will she break, or is it possible that this brutal alpha has met his match? After an attempted escape she is kept locked away, securely, in his room and as time passes she shows him that she won't give into him so easily. In this twisted tale of captivity and romance you won't know who to feel sorry for; the raging alpha, or his fiery, strong-willed mate.

This is the first in a series of coinciding short stories. The second is Abducted by the Rogue.

sun-shine1357 sun-shine1357 Apr 13, 2016
What did the ghost say to the wall? 
                              Hey, just passing through.
Mc_Rose_ Mc_Rose_ Feb 09
I really want to write a sequel for this but I don't have permission. Ugh but really really good book! I was hooked and I was reading it durning school today hehe
I_Love_Pringles I_Love_Pringles Jun 17, 2015
Hey I am writing a story at the moment and want to know how long my chapter should be , how many words was this chapter roughly? Xx please reply?!!!
wild3st_dr3ams wild3st_dr3ams Jun 08, 2015
Wait, omg! Is this the story from your other book?! FRICK SPOILER ALERT: SHE SHOOTS HERSELF IN THE HEAD!!! OMG IM DYING I LOVE YOU SO MUCH...unless I'm wrong and this isn't the story...please reply??
Destynijm Destynijm Oct 18, 2012
Update please please please please dont leave me hanging please
MelodiousNocturne MelodiousNocturne Jun 06, 2012
Please continue I think this would be a really great story in the long run.