The Unknown Guardian

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Shelby By shelbylw03 Updated 2 years ago
Second in the Unknown Series: When Luther returned home, he never expected his people to mark him as a traitor, but with a new arrival in their clan, he knew he was the one who was being betrayed.  When a mysterious woman rescues him, he has no choice.  He must repay his debt to her, no matter how hard she tries pushing him away.  But, with danger swirling around them, secrets from her past, and the men after him, will he ever be able to protect her?
    (Book cover by Platypus1987)
that was amazing.... and I thought you were about to kill him. wow!
Enjoyed the first one thanks. Is this one going to be completed?
Is Chapter 16 the end ? I've been waiting for so long for update.
oh boy, i cannot tell you how glad i am that it's ainsely first but that you have a story for alin!!! i hope his story will bring him into the others' lives again <333
Yay, you uploaded it!!! And you waited just like I knew you would lol :P I really can't wait for more....this first chapter was so intriguing :)
@shelbylw03 I thought this was going to be Ainsley's story? 
                                    Anyway, I don't like the sound of those 'things' they released.
                                    You will do Ainsley's story too yes? And Alin's?