Vigilante 2.08 (Completed )

Vigilante 2.08 (Completed )

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Mica Mayors is an ex-cop leading a double life. When her sister is mysteriously murdered for reasons unknown, Mica is left seeking answers and vengeance. She is forced out of her early retirement hiatus and turns to a secret agency to uncover the missing pieces to the puzzle behind the death of her sister.

If only Mayors knew what she was signing up for. She didn't realize that her new team would range from ex-conmen to rogue spies who all call themselves the Vigilante.

Mica is compelled to the corrupt side of law and expected to carry out duties that may possibly go against all her moral values. But how far would you go if it were your sister? Your  own blood?

Though Mica begins to lose herself, her purpose along with her, and the head of the agency has no choice but to enforce strict disciplinary protocol to restrain her even at the risk of her sister's killer making a clean getaway.

As a result of Mica's temper and brute force she becomes obligated to undergo intense training whilst the killer remains at bay. She may not perceed in her efforts until she becomes the perfect spy, the ultimate vigilante. 

And thus, she needs to become someone else...




Not quite.

Try all in one.

Meet the new and reformed Mica Mayors, Vigilante 2.08, who plays by her own book.

*Please note that although this is an action orientated story, it mostly revolves around other concepts such as hatred, revenge, freedom and forgiveness.

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