Paperplanes (Larry)

Paperplanes (Larry)

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"I'd stay away from him if you want to keep your face intact. The last person who tried to flirt with him ended up in hospital..." 
"...Mess with whoever you want, but not Louis Tomlinson, ok? He's bad news..."
From day one Harry's been warned about what will happen if he messes with Louis Tomlinson, but for some reason, that only makes him want Louis more.

I know this book is less than original but this is obviously my own work, and under the copyright act it is protected against being copied by other authors so please, don't copy it.

Also, a warning: This story contains an abusive relationship. If you find anything related to this remotely triggering I would advise you do not read.

Cover made by @stuckinlarry thank you!!!

haz_loubear haz_loubear Jul 31
I love how he/she (they?) always foreshadow a problem in the book 😂
Maximumtest Maximumtest Aug 11
Just a random question to the Irish possibly reading this do you have accents based off of your area like how we have Yorkshire or even Bradford accents or London accents? Sorry if this sounds ignorant by the way
Once this elder man gave me money to buy him a newspaper. I was late for placement.
"I hope my new roommate doesn't mind if I leave my boxers all over the place."   -Harry 
                              "I'm a bit of a neat freak." -also Harry
Maximumtest Maximumtest Aug 11
I'm doing buisness studies and economics but I want to go to Leeds. Just putting that out there, hi anyone reading this
I.....understood everythinf. hahah yeah I got kt. psshhhh it's so easy it says something like uuuuuuuuhhhhh economic LTOO yeah