My Shadows

My Shadows

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Purple By PurplyStripes Updated Mar 03, 2011

Written and Edited By: PurplyStripes

A little bit of horror, and not to mention the humor in insanity!

New School, New Friends, New Attitude, New... Look?
   March 2, 2011, Isaac Solice starts a new school, more than 3/4 through the year. At 16, he's known for his parties, his rudely outgoing ways, and just not caring about anything. At all. But not for long. Things take a turn for the worse, and poor Isaac finds himself lost and closer to the edge than ever. And yes, I do mean closER.
   Is this all in his head? Is it really true? Maybe you should read and find out. 
   And boy, does he live up to his name.
   Isaac= He who laughs... a lot

_Madelyn_ _Madelyn_ Jun 14, 2012
this story is sooooooo awesome!!!! I love it sooo much! I votedd for it :) and i wanted to say that i have a book out called How To Rock Braces & Glasses! check it out plzzz! but i am definitly NOT finished with it :)
Simply_Moi Simply_Moi Aug 06, 2011
I voted, tweeted, and liked:D And added to my library and fanned, now THATS appritiation, i got twitter just so i could tweet it:L
Simply_Moi Simply_Moi Aug 06, 2011
This is AMAZING:D Sorry, i took so long to read, but lifes been hetic, Soooo glad i did! Its amazzzzzzing! :)) xx V-o-t-e-d-:D and commented..obviously...-.-
PurplyStripes PurplyStripes Mar 04, 2011
Kinda hard to write it from a boy's, since I'm not but, brothers help, oh and thanks for voting!
AvonRep AvonRep Mar 04, 2011
Voted. Very descriptive. I like the title - short and mysterious. I think you should continue and post more chapters. Oh, and it's good to see this story from a boy's POV. I haven't come across that many. 
PurplyStripes PurplyStripes Mar 03, 2011
Please, tell me what you think, I've already started Chapter 1, and I'll finish when SOMEONE tells me I should...
                              So, to be continued?
                              Or not?