The Shy Girl (A Naruto Fan Fiction)

The Shy Girl (A Naruto Fan Fiction)

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What if Sakura didn't actually met Ino when they were kids? Would Sakura be able to stand by herself? We all know that people tease her because of her big forehead and somehow, also her pink hair. Is she gonna fall and remain sad? Or is she gonna stand and be strong? Read to find out.

"I'll eventually learn to stand by myself, yet not now. But I want you to help me." -The Shy Girl

((This is better than it sounds. I SERIOUSLY SUCK ON WRITING DESCRIPTIONS!))
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Yunisu_Chan Yunisu_Chan Nov 03
Wow, this is story really Is the same from my childhood everyone teasing me, treating me like crap and telling me how ugly I was and me very emotional. Fudge... I can't stop crying
Sakura dear, your forehead is normal. There eyes are just too messed and mistake beautiful things for ugly things.
in real life.... its weird.
                              in anime life? its awesome!
                              you have an anime life!! SO ITS AWESOME!!!
*hugs Sakura * don't cry I'm here..standing beside u as your pillar of support
                              Fangirls: Eh?
                              *Fangirls get Chakra punched*
I don't understand how Sakura haters say she has ugly hair and a big forehead, I can count at least 134676 anime that have female's and male's with pink hair and or green eyes, Sakura honey, your beautiful