The Shy Girl (A Naruto Fan Fiction)

The Shy Girl (A Naruto Fan Fiction)

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What if Sakura didn't actually met Ino when they were kids? Would Sakura be able to stand by herself? We all know that people tease her because of her big forehead and somehow, also her pink hair. Is she gonna fall and remain sad? Or is she gonna stand and be strong? Read to find out.

"I'll eventually learn to stand by myself, yet not now. But I want you to help me." -The Shy Girl

((This is better than it sounds. I SERIOUSLY SUCK ON WRITING DESCRIPTIONS!))
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

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Ahem again, you idiotic and immature brats, she has a name. And her forehead is big cause shes smarter than all of you brats combined. Wait no, muliply it by a lot, thats how smart she is
Ugh are you people stupid? She has a name ya know. And her hair is pink bc it just is, it doesn't matter if you're jealous, deal with it
Sometimes, in class,my classmates ask,'Why do you have that long lavander hair?',and laugh to death.I will reply,'Dude,back off.Imw born with it,dealw with it.'
We're the same Sakura-chan... I have A BIG FOREHEAD! Even know they still bully meee~*anime tears*
My hairs weird too.It's lavander colored and way too long.Each time I cut it,it always grow fastly ye'know?I feel you,Sakura.
I personally think Pink is an attractive color, especially to a girl.