Counterattack of the King

Counterattack of the King

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MasterofSystem By MasterofSystem Updated Sep 30

Hyun Ki was a famous CEO of Starlight Entertainment.
He was famous for being the youngest CEO and for being ruthless in the industry.

However, one night, the fate of Hyun Ki was forever altered and his string snapped. Hyun Ki was kill by his brother.
Not for Hyun Ki's wealth, not for the position of a CEO, and certainly not out of hatred or jealously.

The brother kill Hyun Ki because he was rejected.

System: [You are my host. Your duty is to....]
MC: Get to the point.

Pictures are not ever mine -- credits to whoever did the work -- but the story is an original and it's mine, so paw off.

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What is the name of the guy used for the pic or what anime is he from?
I think I just read that as " You got the best of me~" instead of "you are the host of me" 😂
AnkokuKaze AnkokuKaze May 24
Yep, just wait when MC turns into a God and can't find da info
I love it. I was hoping for a little bit more details? Maybe that will be provided in later chapters 👍
Dgcast16 Dgcast16 Jul 15
a form of a death god in the form of will o the wisp well,...i was guessing anyways >>
Amemiroku Amemiroku Jul 01
Am I the only one that hopes he bacomes the MC's son or something?