Meant to be

Meant to be

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Leona Hunt By Leonahunt4ing Completed

I'm Milenia and he is Mirold but the sad part is he's almost 19 years older than me and the scariest part - I was falling in love with him from the first sight...
and I'm dying

" I know what PP is. It's cancer what you can't stop. In principle you are dead at the moment you get diagnosed with it but I'm so sad to look at how you don't fight against it. You just live your life like there is nothing wrong" he was mad and I looked at him with sadness what came into my voice:

- "And what is so wrong about that. That I won't think about it 24/7. I have accept that. That I have only few years or less but please when it hurts you so much then you can leave"

- " But that's the point I don't wanna leave you but knowing you're going to die and there is nothing that I can to about it , just kills me"

- " But you knew from the start that one day I'll leave forever. You could've just stayed away"

- " But I couldn't and even now I can't. I wanna be with you but the more I am with you the more it feels that. That you'll be gone. Do you even know how it feels to know that you can die just any moment" he screamed

- " It's not any minute. It's in one and a half years!" He was shocked and I started to cry being upset and took my handbag " I feel that you care about my illness more than me" I said and left from the front door
This is not one of those happy ending storys. It's about fate and hope and meant to be