The Burning Lotus

The Burning Lotus

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The mighty forces of the Sultan of Delhi have laid the stronghold of Chittorgarh under siege. Within its walls lives the Maharani Padmini, the Jewel of India, she before whom even the Moon must kneel, the object of the Sultan's lust. Surrounding her are her husband and the men of the Rajput clan, all of whom are ready to lay down their lives for the sake of her honour. Will they manage to save their queen and their homes? Or will they crumble in the face of the Sultan's greed?

A tale of honour, glory and sacrifice, dug from the depths of legend and myth. A story that has survived more than seven centuries. Come, follow the tale into an entirely different world. 

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Purplebraids Purplebraids Jan 31, 2016
I love how you started the story from the end. I thought I wont read this story after reading the blurb since I already know what happened but then I was like fine let me just start and was surprised. Great way to capture a reader's attention.
aditi_somani aditi_somani Nov 20, 2016
Very beautifully crafted writing. Prologue makes the scene come to life!! Brilliant rendition to the saga that is amongst the most famous folklore of Rajasthan.
prithjag prithjag May 31, 2016
This is very well written. The casual brutality of Alauddin Khilji comes to life in a very believable way.
ArpitaBiswas0 ArpitaBiswas0 Oct 14, 2016
MY GOD! This is spell-binding! Alauddin Khilji's cold-bloodedness gives one the chills down the spine!
- - Dec 26, 2015
Your story is amazing! Maybe u can write something about the Mughal empire now?
suvachana suvachana Dec 09, 2015
'to witness all the things beautifully destroyed' - couldn't ring more true in the world today. Grips the reader's attention - a ghastly time in India's history. Look forward to more.