Promise you'll always be with me (A Harmione FanFic) ✅

Promise you'll always be with me (A Harmione FanFic) ✅

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Part 1 of 3 in the "Always and Forever" series.

On their hunt to find and destroy Lord Voldemort's horcruxes, Harry, Ron and Hermione are facing many obstacles and begins to tare on their feelings. Some are beginning to erupt from their hearts. Some entirely unexpected...
Harry ever since fourth year have had hidden feelings for Hermione, his best friend and No.1 Companion. Ron leaves, causing instability in the trio, an instability that releases the blockade of feelings that are kept hiding. Hermione loses her faith in Ron, Harry faces higher mountains to climb. Will they find each other in the chaos?
And always remember, once a dark power is defeated, another arises...

The characters I'm using in this story is not my creation, theya re of the mighty J.K Rowling who brought the wizarding world to us Muggles. 80% of the plot in this story is her creation, though I have laid in twists and continued it in my view.

And as always: Harmione for ever!

If it seems like I'm copying someone, I'm not, all of the story's parts that have my twist on them and all events in this story that I've put in, is all from my ideas and brainstorming notes. So please, read this before you accuse me of anything. If it is the name of the story or the cover, Private Message me and I can change it as it is easier. :)

Have a wonderful time reading!