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Best Friends! Really? (Avenged Sevenfold)

Best Friends! Really? (Avenged Sevenfold)

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Queen Shadows By tippilanea7x Completed

Ana's POV

It was about 2am when my phone went off.

I knew exactly who it was. The same person who had a bad habbit of texting me in the middle of the night and who had already texted me three times tonight already.

I was getting pretty pissed off at this point because I really needed sleep.

I ignored the text message and attempted to go back to sleep.

This time my phone rang.

I groaned, rolled over and picked it up.

"Matthew," I yelled "I am getting sick and tired of your shit, can you please stop."


"What." he laughed.

What can I say about Matthew.

My best friend since middle school, my best friend all the way through high school and still my best friend to this day.

We didn't see eachother as often as i would like anymore, well because of him being sorta famous and always touring the world with his band.

But he still had a bad habbit of texting me in the middle of the night and always had.

I groaned "I need sleep."

"Good news bitch, we'll be home tomorrow and ...

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