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Nathan~ My older Brothers Best Friend!!!

Nathan~ My older Brothers Best Friend!!!

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MARZZ By EminemlegitAndysixx Updated May 02, 2011

Angelynn is 15 and has an older brother named Damion who is 18. One day Damion has a friend over,Nathan who is also 18. Angelynn meets Nathan and instantly likes him. But thinks that it will never work out because of her brother and the age difference. But what she doesn't know is that Nathan likes her too. But Nathan has a secret. What is the the secret? you'll have to keep reading to find out. Will they get together? If so will they last? Read and comment to find out!

KlnCee KlnCee May 01, 2011
@EminemlegitAndysixx Awwww DAYYYummm what happened?! :O u wernt fightin wer ya?! If you were then i hope you won :) did ya upload a new chap?? coz it sez u have ... and im able to scroll down but theres no chap there :L :S 
KlnCee KlnCee Apr 29, 2011
Ohhhhh cmon :( your JUST as bad as me with your empty promises of uploading :( :P :) if not worser!! Tut tut I am diasappointed in you missy!! Come on please :( For me? OMG i have an IDEA.
                              Ok ok its a compromise :) I'll upload MY story if YOU upload yours! :D 
                              DEAL????? :D
EminemlegitAndysixx EminemlegitAndysixx Apr 13, 2011
@KlnCee I've been writing a lot but i haven't go the time to upload it! i've been busy with sports and everything but im trying! im on chpt like 5 now but its on paper! i'll try to upload soon and thanks! :) and yes andy sixx is a hottie!! ;)
KlnCee KlnCee Apr 12, 2011
This is GREAT! :D nom nom andy sixx ;) WAT a hottie :D THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for dedicating it to me!!! :D Keep writing - seriously, it's REALLY good :) 
EminemlegitAndysixx EminemlegitAndysixx Feb 26, 2011
@Fujigirl ok thanks bestest friend!!!! and i will keep writing!
Fujigirl Fujigirl Feb 26, 2011
Keep writing bestest friend!! Hey this is ms. Crazy awesome at your service and come check some stories out there's an iPod app too