Forest Fables

Forest Fables

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Carolyn Hill By Carolyn_Hill Updated Jun 08, 2018

A fairy raised by mining dwarves, Gwella Runekeeper has never quite fit in with the rest of her folk.

Gwella has never wielded a weapon or participated in combative contests. She only attends drinking festivals as the evening storyteller. Otherwise, she lives alone. Her tales are loved by all dwarves young and old, but she's only ever had adventures within the confines of her books. 

Until now.

One day, Gwella leaves the dwarvish world behind and ventures deep into the forest to experience some real-life escapades of her own. Along the way, she learns several important life lessons and makes friendships that will last a lifetime.

This is a collection of naturalist and romantic work that chronicle Gwella's adventures in the wide world. It includes free verse and rhyming drabbles and poems as well as short stories and fables with 100 words or fewer.

Cover art: courtesy of @maytijssen

Updates: When the muse strikes.

Fable: "a supernatural story incorporating elements of myth and legend" (OED)