Meliodas x Elizabeth Love Story

Meliodas x Elizabeth Love Story

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This is a Story about Meliodas and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was forced to marry a Prince from A different kingdom but Elizabeth Refuses on all terms.

She goes and travels around town hiding her unusual coloured silver hair. 
She wears a hood to be covered from everyone else until one day she is kidnapped through a dark
ally way.

Meliodas is also hidden under the circumstances of being assumed as the murderer of king Zaratrus. Meliodas is passing by and sees elizabeth being dragged with a bag over her head. Meliodas goes and checks it out and saves her

Elizabeth and Meliodas start developing feelings for eachother but the prince everyday is hunting them BOTH down. 

((In this story Elizabeth isn't a princess but Meliodas is the Prince of Demons.

Nothing will get in there way of a happy ending but it never ends. The adventures and fun still last on.

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