Reincarnated in to an otome game! ON HOLD

Reincarnated in to an otome game! ON HOLD

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♡ V I X E N ♡ By CourtneyKaihe Updated Jun 10, 2018

"Stop, you're too close." I said, backing away, knocking over many items as I go.

"Why, are you afraid?" His words were very deep and seductive.

I ignore his question and continue to back away, "I said stop, l-listen to me!" 

"No, I won't stop,"

* * *

After getting shot. Asia finds herself in a sticky situation, role-playing as the Vilianess in [ Save My Heart! ] she encounters many obstacles, but with her determine personality. She slowly begins to ace this so-called test.

Cover photo by: xXAzure_AngelXx

Mature scenes (not smut)

All photos are not mine! Cr

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CourtneyKaihe CourtneyKaihe May 21, 2018
Mm, well her mentality is of an adult, though her body is a baby.
Rein_Pendragon Rein_Pendragon May 19, 2018
                              This story is more easy to read compare with own own language.
                              Story on my country sometimes make me feel confused
lunaticBL lunaticBL Jun 06, 2018
Woah!!! I got confused there for a second!!! 
                              Perverted mind!!😭😭😭😂
PomegranateRed PomegranateRed May 27, 2018
Wow that was ver detailed... Also that went from 0 to 100 real fast
sun208light sun208light Oct 23, 2018
Uh, very detailed but unnecessary. Who is this person doing this erotic thing anyway?
Little_Miss_Fujoshi Little_Miss_Fujoshi Jul 13, 2018
                              And I just realized what I read...😂😂