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My Arrogant Mate Is An Alpha Jerk [Book 2 of Alpha Mate Trilogy]

My Arrogant Mate Is An Alpha Jerk [Book 2 of Alpha Mate Trilogy]

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LightsInLondon By LightsInLondon Completed

Ever since Ella remember, every aspect of her life has been controlled by her mate, Markus. Now, at the age of sixteen, she's finally taking a stand against him, by going away with her best friend Rowan for the summer. But when a tragedy happens and Ella has to come back, will she ever forgive Markus or will she let the anger she has towards him cloud her judgement and the ability as the Alpha Female? Can Markus ever be a big enough man to apologize for his actions and tell her the real reason why he so controlling? Will they be able to put aside their difference and save their pack from their new adversary?

hottopick hottopick Jun 30, 2016
                              *sizzle sizzle* anyone else hear that?  oh that's Markus getting fried
Never_Scared Never_Scared Jun 28, 2015
Something tells me I'm going to love this story just as much as I loved the first one, and I love Ella's attitude already she's a beast and put that douche in his place! Can't wait to read more
OnlyHonestReviews OnlyHonestReviews Sep 04, 2014
The only person you can't lie to is your mom. And maybe your werewolf mate.
OnlyHonestReviews OnlyHonestReviews Sep 04, 2014
Who says she wants to have sex with him? Oh wait he doesn't care never mind.
Hand_me_the_Nutella Hand_me_the_Nutella Jul 01, 2014
So that's why mum always knows when I'm lying! Thanks for explaining it! Lol
tajahamiller tajahamiller Dec 15, 2013
Good book but work on whos talking and doing what u were like she wen i guess it was he so check on tht