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'Were the fuck are we? ' Sasuke thought to himself. They had literally just been in an empty war zone and now he woke up in his bed in a 9 year old body and he was freaking out.

 "Were's naruto a-and shikamaru?" He asked even though he was clearly alone in his childhood bedroom.

 The door suddenly slammed against the wall making Sasuke reach for the missing kunai holder in his thigh and grasping at air and in strolled naruto with the sass of a gay pride parade

 "Naruto? Were are we? why are we small? Where's shikamaru? WHY IS YOUR NOSE BLEEDING?!?!?" Sasuke's small body launched of the bed and circled him like a concerned mother before naruto swats him away.


 Read if you want to find out more btw it's a kurama love story so if you don't like bxb then move on wench we have no place for you here

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