Child of War (God of War AU, Child of Kratos) *WIP*

Child of War (God of War AU, Child of Kratos) *WIP*

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The Paranoid Android By xParanoidAndroid Updated Aug 03

"A god without power is a god without worth."
"No." She replied. "A god without power is a god without evil."

Hello! It's the Paranoid Android!
I've been on a hardcore binge of Jacksepticeye's God of War 4 playthrough, and, as a fan of the series, I decided to write a story about a character I made up. Aedon, the daughter of Kratos. This is still a work in progress, and there are many things I want to accomplish, so please bare with me through this.

Thank you!

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I'm super excited about this! I've been bringing his play through as well until I'm able to buy the game. Nice to see another fan of GOW!!
Cleylay Cleylay Jun 10
Aedon : * answers NO to if she’s hungry AND if she’s eaten*
                              Caretaker : ALRIGHT YOUR EATING FRUIT
tokyowolf17 tokyowolf17 May 18
Great chapter! Havent played the game other than the post game but it was fun and cant wait to play watch amd read more
*PS4 controller fell*
                              How the fck did he know I play a game as her
I love how that name sounds and looks! Strip it of all context and it still has an "effect" on the reader