The Money Grubber

The Money Grubber

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Rita_Manchester By Britania_Nowaski Updated Apr 26, 2018

"The guy I am in love with hate me. He may be despised my existence for all I know."

"What ? How could someone said be like this to you ?"

"Yeah, I thought so. So why are you like this toward me?"

"How ? Why ? I...we are in couple?"

"That's something you have to tell me."

"First of all, you said the guy you are in love with hate you, so unless you like someone else or are cheating on me, do I need to remind you that we are in couple ? And if I didn't like you why would have go out with you ?"

"Do you ? Do you really like ? I know that you are only with because you think of me as a ticket for your school."

"What ?"

"All I am is a ticket for Harvard for you."


Sometime, one cannot always have whatever one wants. 
One has to sacrifice some things to achieve one's goals. 
And the ending isn't always what one imagined.