Percy Jackson In The Demibook

Percy Jackson In The Demibook

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M By thegirlynerd Updated Jan 19, 2016

In a Greek and Roman world, there were demigods that suffered without Facebook. 

Until one day a boy named Leo created the Demibook.

He was (and still is) incredibly handsome and all the ladies love him.

He knew it was his destiny to create something so fantastic, so amazing, simply awesome!


What Piper? Don't you see me trying to write the description!

Anyway this is the Demibook. 

But be warned tis not for mortals' eyes.

smellydog125 smellydog125 Nov 15, 2016
mnnmn I read Myth-o-book its got extremely similar features. but its awesome! :D
imabettertypeofnerd imabettertypeofnerd 13 hours ago
*secretly* i feel like he said that bc giving night mares is funner than murder
Xonolia Xonolia Dec 12, 2016
Lemme tell you. That was a crazy day. I may or may not have shot him with a tranquilizer dart
MCTgirl MCTgirl Nov 17, 2016
blairsteel-diangelo blairsteel-diangelo Nov 18, 2016
mimisagemeni mimisagemeni Nov 19, 2016
I'm ADHD so when my brother was mad at my mom he would feed me sugar to get me hyper and annoying