Free Falling

Free Falling

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Pseudoshae By Pseudoshae Updated Nov 12, 2018

(Previously Known as Just One of The Guys)

Cathy Brooks used to be the girl who partied hard and exercised her free rights by riding dangerously on the wild side without a care in the world. She was used to everyone gossiping and spreading rumors about her; in fact, she had enjoyed it, loving the attention as if this was her own reality tv show. 

However, when Cathy experiences the sharp downfall that comes with riding on the wild side without a seat belt or cushion to soften the blow, she realizes that being in the spotlight, being a part of the gossip culture, isn't what it's cracked up to be. 

So when senior year comes around, she becomes the opposite of who she was. She trades in endless nights of partying for endless nights of riding around on her skateboard, and being in the spotlight for hiding under the radar.

As she struggles to find a way to separate her new life from the old, the past slowly creeps up on her, sucking her back into the life she once knew.

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pareltiago pareltiago May 31, 2018
That first picture on the top right kind of looks like Todd Smith
Alaskan_Lover Alaskan_Lover May 30, 2018
I read the old one, then I read the new one, and I was like, who is this handsome Andrè?? 😂😂
- - May 30, 2018
Ur write tho..i was kinda disappointed when i read the old one..i look forward to reading rbe new one,what happened to the old one tho, did ya delete it ...cuz i  cant find it
Maggiemoo96 Maggiemoo96 Sep 28, 2018
I already love it because of your attitude toward everything. I’m sure I’ll enjoy this book a lot