Just One Of The Guys

Just One Of The Guys

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Cathy Brooks is not in the slightest bit a lady. She prefers jeans over dresses and sneakers over heels. Imagine how her mother felt when she expected to have a daughter who loved going shopping, but instead got another son who had prettier, longer hair.

But Cathy was just one of the guys. She always has been, and that was never going to change.

 Well, until a new group of guys show up to town. 

Read about how Cathy's life turned upside down within a matter of minutes.

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FrankieromustnotdieX FrankieromustnotdieX Jun 18, 2017
My brother ALWAYS has guys over and forces me from my very serious sandwich testing sessions to come and hang out with all of them
marissaM42 marissaM42 Jun 11, 2017
Oh my gosh my brother attracts hot guys ALL THE DANG TIME!!! He never tells me they're coming so I walk into his room with serious bed head😂😂😂
JoLee_Marie68 JoLee_Marie68 Oct 17, 2017
All you have to do is apologize. Like I'd be grounded for a month without my phone lucky ass
GalaxyInHerEyes4110 GalaxyInHerEyes4110 Dec 18, 2017
According to Scientists or astrologers or astrolosomethingybob, our dear. Pluto is no longer considered a planet
PiekittyX3 PiekittyX3 Jun 05, 2017
I don't have a brother but I have a sister and she attracts hot guys or girls (shes a baby XD)
sanjan3 sanjan3 Sep 04, 2016
What the hell is this book based on me!😂 my mum always try's to make me 'girly' o remember how my mum made me go shopping with my older cousin😂😂😂