Sing Me to Sleep [all time low fan fiction]

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kelly barakat is jack barakat's sister who falls in love with jack's best friend alex gaskarth. this is their story together
@MCR_baby_ I doooo. they are like my favorite. and its like I see you in every book omf
I literally when searching for like 3 days for this fan fic and now I am never letting it out of my sight it's my favorite
A girl at my high school hung herself in one of the bathroom stalls this morning at around 11. She was bullied a lot a self harmed. She was only 15. She used to wear the To Write Love On Her Arms shirt all the time and she loved ATL so this just reminded me of her. RIP Alexis
I'm with Toxic Valentine on this one. If this were a movie script, I memorized all lf it 0.o
So I've already read this story... three times.... but I think if I read it again it'll be fine ^-^
this confuses me: the storys about ATL but the cover is to write love on her arms.....