Dear Louis Tomlinson

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Orrin By XxbrokenbonesxX Updated a year ago
A letter to Louis Tomlinson
Very touching....It expresses all the feelings and thoughts we Directioners have...
it's the absolute truth when i say you've taken the words out of my mouth, i wrote a similar letter to him in my journal, but i think you should send this to him, it's real sweet :)
@XxbrokenbonesxX don't know how it is where you're from, but over here is't a total of 12 years once you're out of high school. Almost there now, two more years to go :)
@XxbrokenbonesxX haha np :) it takes a lifetime to graduate, but most of the time it's totally worth it :)
@XxbrokenbonesxX yep, do it! :D maybe you'll even get a reply ;) (and btw, now I feel like a stalker looking in to your convo's, but I wanted to say it anyway, I'm in training to be a psychiatrist, and it's a good job choice, it's a great job, really :))
@XxbrokenbonesxX you should totally send it to him, btw :) I think he can use some positiveness with al the hate they're getting atm