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Okay Harry By okay_harry Updated Jan 15, 2015

Okay so this is the sequel to My Sisters Boyfriend! A BUNCH of y'all were requesting a sequel and I know I said I was going to make one anyways but this year has been crazy and I haven't found the time but now I'm making a sequel! 

A few details will be changed in this story though, like Harry's age, he was 19 in MSB but since it's been almost a year since I wrote MSB I decided to would only make sense if Harry was his actual age so yeah if things are different and or slightly changed then its on purpose :)

ALSO! MSB got 55.3K reads and that's SO amazing like I'm still in shock from it! So yeah! I haven't decided when I will post the first chapter because I'm in the middle of moving and a bunch of stuff is going on so I can't tell you when the first chapters gonna be up but I am writing it now and I just wanted to post this so my readers know I'm posting a sequel! I don't have a name so I guess up just call it MSB sequel for now. 

If anyone has edits they wanna send me or what they ...

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maduhhliine maduhhliine Apr 29, 2014
hii omg I read msb a long time ago and now I finally found it and I can't believe you made a sequel! your writing is amazing I can't even explain :)
british_babe101_ british_babe101_ Apr 29, 2014
Also what happened to a different ending... I loved that book
exopizzas exopizzas Apr 22, 2014
LOVE IT KENZ!!!! I havent read it in so long. can u remind me who melody and Joey are again? SORRY!
hipsternhoran hipsternhoran Apr 14, 2014
Oh okay ! Well I'm glad you're still writing one bc you're an amazing writer