The Imperfect's Journal: 1

The Imperfect's Journal: 1

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T. L. Bainter By TLBainter Updated Jun 30

This is the journal of Darren Stratt, an "imperfect" who is being hunted in America due to a new law which has stripped disadvantaged individuals--now called "imperfects"--of their rights. In Darren's journal, he documents the horrors of a world run by an all-powerful government that helps itself by pretending to care about the greater good.

In Part 1 (April-June, 2066), the Perfect America Bill is signed into law for the first time. The effects are instantaneous; armed men and women are breaking down doors, killing and capturing so-called imperfects, gunning down anyone who stands in their way, and (worst of all) enjoying every second of it.

Darren is currently hiding in a bunker beneath his house, but it won't stay safe for long. Soon, he'll need to start thinking of a new safe point.

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MeganLin90 MeganLin90 May 21
Starting to get a little paranoid about the mom... oh man we’re in trouble!
s-upernova s-upernova Jun 29
I love how the MC seems to have a disability. Really adds to the uniqueness of the story.
Gosh! You've set up the drama and tension so quickly! Brilliant!
MeganLin90 MeganLin90 May 21
A crooked spine and abnormal gait?! Hmm! I wonder.... werewolves maybe?! Or do I have an overactive imagination? 😂
MeganLin90 MeganLin90 May 21
I can’t wait to find out what it means to be “imperfect”. Is it about race?
kacykrypton kacykrypton May 12
To be honest, I adore characters with disabilities. They are severely underrepresented