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xxSultryCrissxx By tatiann24 Completed

Sylver Reid, is not your regular petite bodied gay boy that everyone love and want for themselves, rather he is chubby and invisible to almost everyone that is not his friend and he prefer it so, because that way he can hide the dark past that holds him in its deadly clutches.

He has become a professional at hiding it well behind his shy smile and happy exterior, while deep down he constantly prays that no one will ever find out or that the past wont come back knocking.

And he was doing an excellent job of it while remaining invisible, that was, until the sexy Italian Beast, Santier Alessi steps into the picture, with every intention of dominating and waking up deep hidden desires inside of him, while marking him as his chocolate treat forever.

He has a sexy beast trying to devour and dominate him.

And his past knocking.
Will Sylver succumb completely to the desires of the beast? Or will he back away and run, when the knockings of his past are too loud to ignore?

  • bdsm
  • beast
  • interracial
  • manxman
  • possessive
  • wmbm
AddictedToSmut AddictedToSmut Dec 14, 2017
Back again bitches!  This is my number one favourite book! I love you @tatiann24 you're the best baby!
Janaturegirl Janaturegirl Jun 27, 2017
Hmmm should I read or not...
                              I'm gonna cause seem like an interesting story.
jewel3384 jewel3384 Aug 22, 2017
Wow...don't know if I should read.... Comments got me like whoa
Quadruple-flip Quadruple-flip Jun 24, 2017
@DrizzlingWaffleCum plz tell me my heart isn't going to break in the end
vistajade08 vistajade08 Oct 19, 2016
first time reading your story but i fell in love with it already,,,hope you can also write Sylver Reid friends stories...tnx
chocolateandbooks4u chocolateandbooks4u Nov 09, 2016
I'm only here because of the title and nothing else. I never read a boy×boy story in my life and I LOVE CHOCOLATE SO MUCH ♡♡♡