The Billionaire's Proposition

The Billionaire's Proposition

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❝Let's just say... I have a proposition for you,❞ Ezekiel murmured. His rough fingertips trailed the silky skin of Althea's, her eyes fluttered close as a sigh of bliss slipped past her rosy lips. ❝It'll work out great for the both of us.❞

Her chest heaved with every breath as she attempted to calm herself down. 

❝What is it?❞ She quivered. Her eyes remained tightly shut as she leaned into Ezekiel's touch. 

A strangulated noise left her lips, unable to form words as Ezekiel's thumb brushed across Althea's lower lip. ❝There's a few terms and conditions, but... if you agree, your father's debt will be wiped off. You can't back out.❞

She snapped her eyes open, repeating his words in her mind. ❝What? What do you mean?!❞

A smirk adorned his lips as he cupped her cheek, before pressing his forehead against hers. 

❝I need you to be my fiancée.❞


When Althea's life gets turned upside down after a failed relationship, she doesn't expect to find herself planning the wedding of the same man who broke her heart. Two years on, she's still heartbroken, trying to manage a withering company and failing to wipe off her father's debt. 

Ezekiel, on the other hand, is a traveller in this world. He passes by without a word, yet somehow manages to run a fruitful business... despite his loss of hearing. 

Both Althea and Ezekiel have their own agendas, but after constant spontaneous meetings, Ezekiel begins to realise that Althea could prove to be more than just useful. 

After all, a powerful man's touch can cause collateral damage...

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