A Hat in Time

A Hat in Time

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Beck Phillips By The_epicduck Updated Jun 06

A retelling of the 2018 "Cute-as-heck" Indie game A Hat in Time!
A young child, simply known as 'Hat Kid' is travelling home, when a member of the mafia stops her, demanding for a toll to pass through Mafia Town. When she refuses, the mafia goon breaks the window of her spaceship, dropping her and and scattering her Timepieces across the Earth!
The little girl has to help film movies with birds, fulfill contractual obligations with ghosts, explore a lost village high above the lands, and even prevent Time's End!

All credit for names, story, and characters goes to the creators of the original A Hat in Time game, Gears for Breakfast. I do not own any rights to it.

The original game is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One for about $30. It is coming to the Nintendo Switch soon (We think?)
The two DLC, Seal the Deal, and Nyakuza Metro, are roughly $7 each.

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