The Z Contingency

The Z Contingency

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W.I. Eganson By WIEganson Completed

The zombie apocalypse is coming.  A scientist at the CDC has that terrifying realization when infected victims start displaying the symptoms predicted by his model.  A virus responsible for hemorrhagic fevers is mutating into something that zombifies its victims instead of killing them.

Realizing the only hope is to get ahead of it, he sets out to create a vaccine, but to create a vaccine he needs a sample of the virus.  He tries to enlist the aid of a colleague to help him create the very virus he wants to eradicate, but she refuses on ethical grounds. 

Witnessing the horrific transformation of an infected patient forces her to reconsider, but before they can start working on a vaccine, their virus samples are stolen.

As they criss-cross the country on a hunt for a cure, the paths of the two scientists cross those of a shadow organization on a secret mission, and a loose-knit network of zombie prepper groups whose loyalties are unclear.

I am editing The Z Contingency for an updated edition, and I thought Wattpad would be a good platform to get improvements suggested by readers. 

The first edition of the book is already available for the Kindle, Nook, and Kobo at major online resellers, and is also at Smashwords.

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user91571617 user91571617 Sep 09, 2017
The second version is much more cohesive than the first; the style is more mature and captivating.
EndiongOkop EndiongOkop May 28, 2017
I like the way you used a logical explanation for the ways zombies came about
Arijit2018 Arijit2018 Jun 13, 2018
I think you may work on combining 2nd and 3rd version as the 2nd one's style is mature and understandable and in the 3rd one there is a slight more description about the discussed model and having reference to the zombie apocalypse upsurging. Hope this may help you
samsash1917 samsash1917 Oct 19, 2017
I prefer the 3rd (original one) but the 1st one still remains my pick. The 2nd one was driving me a bit away from the actual dialogue and for me that's a bad thing.
ShazMataz ShazMataz Mar 09, 2017
I think I like this one because just dialogue makes it more mysterious. You don't know who is male or female or what their wearing or etc. It adds an air of caution and intrigue
Vermillion_Thorn Vermillion_Thorn Sep 05, 2016
You have "calking" instead of "walking" when he's explaining how it would classify as zombification. I like this part a lot more- the picture is much more clear. Good job. :)