The CEO and the Punk

The CEO and the Punk

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E. Benitez By DisasterStrikesMe Completed

This isn't your typical business romance book you find with the sexy secretary who falls for the jaw-dropping CEO who is very serious and powerful. It doesn't start with the girl falling for the guy, blushing at his words, and sweet talking. 

It's about the punk girl who studies to be a Psychologist with black hair and icy blue eyes. Yes, the CEO is good looking, but that doesn't make her take a double take at him. She yells at him, ditches him, and avoids him at all costs, until he gives up. But something or someone always brings them back together and someone else's child could eventually tie them both together. 

Chase Simmons is now owner of Simmons Banking, a company his mother worked hard to make. Him being 25, he is too engulfed in work to even notice any female looking his way. His best friend, Ryland Collins, tries to help Chase whenever he can to meet someone, but with Chase's constant work, he never accepts them. It isn't until he meets a certain girl when they accidentally swap phones, that he can't help but try to get close to her.

Madeline Annabella Hender is a typical 23 year old punk. She had gone through hell and back for the last two years of her life, that she doesn't tolerate anyone. She only keeps in contact with her brother, Joshua, because she doesn't see any reason to talk to anyone else. So how did this punk catch the CEO's interest? 

With the only things she knows: sarcasm, anger, and the truth.

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AphraV AphraV Nov 26, 2017
I was not going to leave a comment, but your words from the end made me change my mind. 
                              Your story is refreshing! I was trying to find something good to read for weeks( here on wattpad). Nothing was good enough to keep me reading after the first pages. 
                              So, thank you!
prettylittlepyscho56 prettylittlepyscho56 Mar 17, 2017
This really good. I can't wait to find out what will be happening next!!😄😄
-aestheticlytaehyung -aestheticlytaehyung Aug 22, 2016
Second time reading! I love this book so much. I love that she doesn't blush or anything and doesn't fall in love easily. I wished there were more books like this one
Live_Fast_Die_Young_ Live_Fast_Die_Young_ Dec 09, 2016
Why ask her name if he knows it... or is he just seeing if she'll tell him
pixy91 pixy91 Nov 25, 2016
If she's getting her mail...won't she have her name written in the email id...kinda weird how he doesn't know her name when he has full access to her email and phone...
Hearts_Rain Hearts_Rain Jan 08, 2017
Can't he just sign into his account on her phone? Or use a laptop?