Valley Moms

Valley Moms

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Wattys "Hidden Gem" Winner 2018

They say you can always go home again, but what if you never left?

Jessica Flores discovers the hard way that no matter how big her hometown may seem, Los Angeles is the smallest town in the world. She can't escape her demons when those demons have demon kids in her son's preschool class. And those ghosts she tried to leave behind will ALWAYS find her. They may even frame her for murder.

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mestrin mestrin Apr 25
one. the odds are one out of every one time. the odds are brutal. better than vegas and worse than hell. these are SFV odds.
tbeauchamp tbeauchamp May 02
I do t have a comment about right here except to say I just realized I’d been reading for pages without stopping to comment. Sucked in.
mestrin mestrin Apr 25
These HoHos are really annoying. I'd run laps just to get away from this coach. Also, I'd have to run laps with all these baked goods around.
OmaimaAkbar OmaimaAkbar May 07
I am not sure if Jason is supposed to be here. I am sorry if I am annoying you!
mestrin mestrin Apr 25
i know it's not the point of this scene, but i kind of wish i was a coach my former students didn't want to see so that i could get free baked goods.
tlryder tlryder Oct 13
This starts off with a lot of great intrigue! Can't wait to see what happens next.