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I live in a world that makes no sense what so ever. Kids are put in mental institutions, young children sent to juvenile detention centers, families torn apart, and the hopes of living a normal life are ruined. I never live a normal life. I was five when placed in a mental institution. Yes, I met friends there and fulfilled some what of a destiny there but I grew up isolated and then faced with war.

I, now, must push through this ever changing life to either die trying to fix everything or prevail and complete all that is set before me. Now, I must find out what is real from things that are just all in my head.

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Danie143_143 Danie143_143 Apr 17, 2016
My friend has a story called the good must die young. If you can could you read it. You won't be disappointed, it would mean a lot to her.
silversiren713 silversiren713 Jun 08, 2015
OH MY GLOB, THIS IS SO FANTABULOUS!!! I'm gonna continue reading and voting :3
- - Aug 04, 2014
Very nice. Good world creation, and the dialog and characters felt real. Overall I would have to say you show excellent potential. Well done and keep writing. :)
mbird1 mbird1 Jun 18, 2014
There are some misspelled words but other than that I loved the story. :)
jenanita1946 jenanita1946 Jun 11, 2014
love this story, the pace gripped me from the first page. Can't wait to see what happens...
AliLivesToWrite AliLivesToWrite Apr 21, 2014
Here is chapter 2!!!! Chapter 3 is almost finished!!! Thanks for reading!!!!