I'm Not Yours, Alpha (Under Revision)

I'm Not Yours, Alpha (Under Revision)

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Elena By HeronLightFray Updated Sep 23, 2015

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"Mine" he growls, and spins me around to face him. His face is now only inches away and it catches me off guard. I can feel him all around me, his warm breath on my face, his calloused hands on my body, everything he touches tingles in a delightful and overpowering way.

Something deep inside me sparks suddenly, starting off slow like lighting a match, but then grows into a raging fire. 

I look up at him in shock, what is happening to me? Why is my body reacting to him this way? Why the hell is Jared touching me to begin with? So many questions are swarming in my mind, but none escape my lips. I have no control right now, something inside me does and it wants this.

 It wants him.

His once light green eyes have turned into a deep shade of emerald in a matter of seconds, as if reading my thoughts. He pulls me impossibly closer to him and his lips find my ear.

"Mate" He growls huskily sending chills and sparks flying through me.

What the hell is happening?!

When Stella Riverson's house lights up like a match, the Riverson's are left stranded without a home, all of their belongings lost in the flames.

One thing leads to another and they move up north to the town of Sutton, to live with the ever so generous Wells family. 

Little does Stella know that she is about to be thrown head first into a world she never knew existed. Lies told and secrets kept will unfold before her very own eyes as she reaches reckless and uncharted territory deep within herself.

A new town, new house, and a whole  new school, where certain things will be questioned, like why is Stella the central point of all the students stares at this new school? Especially the stunningly attractive and mysterious boy she shares a roof with.

**WARNING: This story is going under revision, meaning I WILL be making changes to the plot, characters and more. Read at your own risk**

Copyright © 2014 by Elena R

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Story_Maiden_13 Story_Maiden_13 Jul 13, 2017
I absolutely love this book, second time reading, please check mine out if you can!!'n
calihornia calihornia May 25, 2016
Sutton like Sutton Mercer? The Lying Game was the shît bro!! I fûcking loved that show!!
Ashley345 Ashley345 Mar 23, 2016
I swear, this 'mine' thing will never get old....I LOVE IT!!!!
SJulietteK97 SJulietteK97 Aug 01, 2016
I've created a blog( it's a work in progress). You should check it out: letterstojuliette5683.wordpress.com
Diana12356 Diana12356 Apr 19, 2016
straight to the point from the first chapter huh 😂🙌🏻
ifyoueverfoundout ifyoueverfoundout Dec 30, 2016
Roses are red
                              Thorns are prickly 
                              May I just say that escalated quickly