Sparks ✨

Sparks ✨

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 Ember lost her first love, Gage, abruptly-tragically. Incapable of coping with the reality of the loss, her mind begins to play tricks on her-or so she thinks. 
Haunted by the memories, Ember leaves the town that was home to her and her high school sweetheart behind. 
Determined to reinvent herself and reconstruct the shattered remains of her life she heads to a quaint university town tucked away from society in the mountains of Virginia. Shortly after moving to Damascus, to attend Dam U. she begins having clairvoyant nightmares that lead her into a new world, a new way of life. 

Ember discovers that boundaries collide between ordinary and extraordinary worlds. It is in this new town she stumbles upon the clan she needs to help her face the very real demons in her life, to propel her to find her inner strength, and perhaps, even find love again. Ember will discover she has the power to change destiny. 
But just because she can alter fate should she?

She lost him. She lost herself. And that is how she found everything...

Cover Art by MayTijssen 

Copyright 2018 S. Mastro

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Hadley_Swiss Hadley_Swiss May 24, 2018
It's great how you show the characters mood so effectively, with aid of the pathetic fallacy! Nice!
Elmari04 Elmari04 May 21, 2018
Wow! Tragedy in the prologue! I love it. Your writing is really good and I enjoy the way you describe, it really paints an image in my mind. I feel this is going to be a good story.
MeganLin90 MeganLin90 May 30, 2018
                              This scene made me giggle–I adore the imagery of the plaid shirt and suspenders. I'd change "choking me on my sip of soda" to "the sight causing me to choke on.."... because as it reads, the shirt and suspenders are actually physically choking her XD
MeganLin90 MeganLin90 May 30, 2018
                              God, such great description in the above two paragraphs. I agree with @jagermeanshunter to simplify the action, but I do love the physical description of the pain. To give it a little more oomph, consider the word "pierced" rather than "traveled".
GillianFugate GillianFugate May 21, 2018
Ah he’s a physical sexual and she’s a mental sexual. #psych100 coming in handy
sandydragon1 sandydragon1 May 19, 2018
I like their dynamic so far. Their actions are showing me exactly what their relationship is like.