You are "Weird" [On Hold Till April]

You are "Weird" [On Hold Till April]

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let's have tea! ☕ By neez_siddiqui Updated Oct 01, 2018

HR #33 in spiritual 

 "would you stop staring me ?" he said irritatingly which left her go all red. No , not because of embarrassment but in anger. Well...because according to her , her veil have to have to be thick enough to hide her all emotions she was going through last few hours...what ? she hates to show her weak side... So she need to have a talk with bhabhi, why she have to .."Go and change and don't  forget to remove those bangles, they are kinkling like shit..." grabbing a pillow he continued "i wanna sleep PEACEFULLY...."

     " if I wanna do disco dance. Huh! " she thought to herself and left for bathroom not before mumbling "Assalam alequm to you too".

   So meet Zeenat Siddiqui, 21 yrs graduation 3rd year student, who is trying to set her life agendas, priorities. Living her life like any other normal, friends and her plants. She loves gardening but like any other girl , she has some inferiority complexes  too ..not that she complaint. In short She was happy with what she have. Until He was nowhere in her life ..well he is her brand new husband whose name is Fawad Ahmed and have dark intense eyes. 
          Hihihi that's all she got to know before her Nikah.

What if love comes other way ! 
What if its totally unwelcomed ! 
What if it they change !
What if they don't !


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