The Hurt and the Betrayed- Book 1

The Hurt and the Betrayed- Book 1

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Mythic By MythicStrawberry Completed

Midoryia and Bakuago were best friends. But once Bakuago got his quirk, things changed. He and his friends would beat Midoryia everyday for being quirkless. 

It didn't stop though. The bullying has gotten as far as him getting pushed off the roof of U.A. by his so called friend. 

In the blink of an eye things changed when he was offered to join the League of Villains because of what he's been though. 

Would Midoryia decline or accept the offer? If accepted, what would he even do to bring Bakuago down?
This book may have some grammar and spelling mistakes through the story. It's pretty crappy and it's my first fan fiction or whatever. 

Warning: This book contains depression, cutting, violence, suicide attempt, and maybe some boy x boy during the story. Proceed to read the story with caution 

Story by MythicStrawberry