The Shortcut

The Shortcut

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Chris Kreuter By ChrisKreuter Completed

The Shortcut: Enlightenment in a box for only $149.99!
Flip the switch & experience nirvana.

This was the result of Terrance Gray's accidental invention: Headphones that harmonize brainwaves and create a state of complete non-thought. None of his retreats to fancy Buddhist monasteries ever brought him close to the enlightenment he achieved with his prototype. With the help of an angel investor he sells enlightenment wholesale and taps into a pent-up demand to bypass desire and escape the trappings of modern society. 

Shortcuts start selling by the millions, but not everyone is sold on the benefits of effortless personal transcendence. Terrance finds himself in the crosshairs of a new group, the Unified Unenlightened, who form to prevent the shifting of a global economy dependent on scarcity driven capitalism. Terrance is forced into hiding, where he has to confront a world struggling to adapt to a post-enlightenment world.


30 Chapters: New chapters release every Sunday starting May 13th. 
Don't want to wait? Softcover edition coming soon - which will include a bonus novelette "Remove This Cup From Me".

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