Connection [Stranger's Series #1]

Connection [Stranger's Series #1]

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Laraxel By Laraxel Updated Jul 18

"Is it possible to fall in love with a total stranger?"


They're basically just both strangers to one another, yet, they found comfort in each other.

She is an unsolved riddle.

He is a robot controlled by his father's words.

Her story is unknown.

His story lies in fiction.

She is the Rapunzel locked in a hidden tower at the midst of a forbidden forest.

He is the wolf hiding in sheep's clothing; living in the land of fraudulence.

She can't be seen.

He's surrounded by cameras.

Hiding behind the power of language, he's already tired; and she's just scared.

They're simply two lonely souls who manage to find each other through the online community, despite being tainted by toxicity, to lean on even with the big distance and difference of the world they live in.

He needs her to keep himself sane everyday. She needs him to push the word 'lonely' away from her.

She's his own medicine. He's her only hope.

But in a game where mendacity is a remedy and humanity is injected by the venom of greed and injustice, would they win and find in each other notwithstanding the chaos?

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