Mikeys Fabulous Adventure.

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EXTREMELY UNEDITED!! I am not planning on editing any of my stories on here as I do not have the time, however, I believe these stories are a great and fun read. Ignore all the spelling and grammar mistakes, trust me, I know they are there. 
    When Mikey Way was a little boy his best friend was unicorn named Sparkles. He loved Sparkles more then anything. His parents and brother never believed Mikey that Sparkles was real. Gerard, Frank. and Ray would make fun of Mikey for having an imaginary friend. But one day Sparkles goes missing, sending Mikey into a deep depression that lasted his whole childhood. Mikey now being grown up, still hasn't giving up on finding Sparkles. But one day Gerard finds out about Mikeys hunt and wanted to help him find his unicorn. Ray and Frank soon join as well. They all trevel to a magic unicorn land but the catch is they can never go home. Gerard is certain that Sparkles is on that land and everyone is trying to hide him. But why? Gerard is dead set on helping his little brother find his long lost friend, the question is can they find him in time?
I love mikey way and unicorns omg I went on to google unicorns and I looked trow a lot of pics then there was one which was a pic of a can and it sed unicorn meat oh no
I just love this story! There is nothing better then unicorns and MCR! (:
Aw, Gerard, why don't you believe in unicorns? 
                                    I love it! Write more. :D
Love it!!!!! This sounds like it will be so cute and funny!!! Continue writing...please??? :D