More to Life

More to Life

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Sarah By Voyageavecmoi Updated 3 days ago

Maria believes she's found the perfect guy until she finds him with another woman. While her traditional family is not surprised, she blames her own shortcomings for his actions. Faced with the reality that her efforts to mend their relationship are ineffective, she accepts an opportunity to teach English in Bangkok.

Maria tries to adapt to the language, food, and a career that's almost foreign to her despite never boarding an airplane prior to this trip. Juggling classroom management, student loans, and an ex whose feelings seem murkier by the day, Maria tries to find a balance between the washed-out woman she'd become and the carefree one she used to be with the help of her understanding and kitchen-savvy co-worker, Prae, free-spirited Emma, fellow heart-breakee Tom, and her blunt, nosy neighbour, Mitch. 

The longer she stays, the more she realizes that she's not the only one facing their own demons. She knows she should stay away to protect her heart, but the allure is quite strong.

[This story is rated PG-13 for language, alcohol and some drug references, mature themes]

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Enockito Enockito Aug 18
Never thought I've read that pain echoes in one's heart, but I guess it's a slang, and makes it more creative, along with the manifestation of Maria's feelings for him
Enockito Enockito Aug 18
It's gonna make it hurt all the more when she discovers his lies.
RhodoraO RhodoraO Sep 29
 #FBE emitted from* feels awkwardly phrased. I suggest: *sprayed by ...
Enockito Enockito Aug 18
I agree that the story is realistic. Sometimes, personal flaws and self depreciation make people think they are undeserving of any attention, or love for that matter. And I like that you conveyed that idea in the paragraph. #FBE
Enockito Enockito Aug 18
So the chapter was great, your writing style amazing, and you have a way of presenting a particular idea and manifest it to the reader. Well done on that!
Velfman Velfman Sep 08
Dawww, she's in love. Is he gonna break her heart?  Well, you have me guessing from the opening paragraph so I am already invested. Excellent #FBE