More to Life

More to Life

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Sarah By Voyageavecmoi Updated 3 days ago

Maria believes she's found the perfect guy until she finds him with another woman. While her traditional family is not surprised, she blames herself. When her efforts to mend their relationship fail, she accepts an opportunity to teach English in Bangkok.

Despite never boarding an airplane before, Maria tries to adapt to the language, food, and a career that's almost foreign to her. Juggling classroom management, student loans, and an ex whose feelings grow more confusing by the day, Maria tries to find herself somewhere between the washed-out woman she's become and the bold and spirited one she used to be with the help of her understanding and kitchen-savvy co-worker, Prae, free-spirited Emma, fellow heart-breakee Tom, and her blunt, nosy yet attractive neighbour, Mitch. 

She soon sees that she's not the only one who escaped to Thailand to avoid something. While her better judgment warns her to leave it be, part of her keeps digging to uncover what unsettles a carefree charmer.  

[This story is rated PG-13 for language, alcohol and some drug references, mature topics]

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SassyRedWritingHood SassyRedWritingHood Dec 05, 2018
                              Marc seems like he is going to be trouble. Or cause trouble.
I love this bit of backstory you've naturally woven in here. It tells me so much about her background, and even a little something about the parents.
- - Dec 09, 2018
                              The description is wonderful. The description of the different senses like auditory and tactile senses are effectively made use of to make this whole scenario come to life. Loved it!!
SassyRedWritingHood SassyRedWritingHood Dec 05, 2018
                              Small thing... if the waterfalls are roaring, could Maria hear Adrian's whispers?
SassyRedWritingHood SassyRedWritingHood Dec 05, 2018
                              Adrian seems to have a lot of issues. Suicidal thoughts, jealousy, insecurities. This is very nice foreshadowing for the turn of events that is bound to happen.
sakuryox sakuryox Dec 02, 2018
I agree with the previous comments. At least from this prologue, this story is quite realistic in painting a picture of a person with insecurities, and it'll be interesting to see what will happen next. #FBE