More to Life

More to Life

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Sarah Paradis By Voyageavecmoi Updated a day ago

When her first love falls apart, a family-loving, Filipina-Canadian foodie must choose between her unwavering feelings for him or escaping to a foreign country. Maria struggles as the effects of Adrian's emotional abuse challenge her family's advice to move on. After she fails to prove her love for her insecure ex-partner, she leaves to teach English in Thailand. The vibrant photos and recipes she shares catch her ex's interest, and the feelings she tried to push away resurface. 

The stress of being a new teacher and handling Adrian's mood swings pushes Maria close to her breaking point. As her new friends, including her flirty next-door neighbour, encourage her to move on, she must decide between her ex's apologies and promises, a fling with her hot, commitment-phobic neighbour, or time alone to heal and find herself.     

More to Life is Book 1 in a three-part on-going series. Book 3 is updated every week.

[Rated mature for the topic of self-harm and sexual content in book 2&3] 

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