Crazies (a Jeff the Killer x Eyeless Jack fanfiction)

Crazies (a Jeff the Killer x Eyeless Jack fanfiction)

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Jeff's Fault?


"Why are these days so boring?" Jeff was lying on the couch playing with his knife. "Ohi EJ would you like to go killin' someone?" He looked at Jack, who was listening to music.

  Jack took out one of the headphone buds from his ear and looked at Jeff, then he nodded.

  They got up, looking at each other before looking away and getting prepared for the killing spree.

  Jeff and Jack soon got out of the house, after telling Masky and Hoodie to warn Slender Man that they would be going out to 'have some fun'. It was night time, and the streets of the city, where the two killers were going, were empty and all 'humans' were sleeping in their houses.

  "Eheh, this will be fun," Jeff said, jumping on the window of a house. He checked if it could be opened, after some kicks Jeff could enter the house. He checked if allinside  were sleeping, then he gave the signal to Jack that the way was free. They took different ways, Jeff had gone upstairs, while Jack reamained at t...

ArcticBlaze193 ArcticBlaze193 Oct 30, 2017
You have a mask. Just move your hands and use the mask.
                              Jeez, it's like Hoodie wearing a hat.
42justaFAYZ42 42justaFAYZ42 Jul 28, 2017
when did my life come to the point that a paragraph like that seems completely normal
Neko_DiAngelo Neko_DiAngelo Aug 27, 2017
lol what kind of fun? *wink wink*
                              oh just killing? *sighs* damn it! I was hoping for some sensual fun!!!
RachelNutellay RachelNutellay Jan 11, 2016
I like. Jack's reaction: instantly shove him away and cover face. Lol. But I'm just wondering..... Where'd the kidney go?
yoyobounce4 yoyobounce4 Dec 09, 2015
I cried when the teen not died I'm super sentoive  towards teenage boys.
xhsyii xhsyii Nov 18, 2015
Mah name is Jeff and I like being jelly in front of EJ!! -says while running in circles raising both hands up in the air lazily-