The subtle World Of Terraria.

The subtle World Of Terraria.

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Frei Pixelz By FreiPixelz Updated Feb 07

Wounded and Hurt. 

Targeted and Chased in the dark moonlight.

The smell of blood and copper penetrating his nose as he clutches his bloodied stomach without looking back.


Death stares from above to the man's last Dying wish.

[At the very least..... let me live till Princess Luna becomes a Queen...... Till then, let me protect her.....]

Death Shakes his head as the man slumbers into eternal darkness.

His only hope left is...... Evan.

[WHY AM I IN TERRARIA!?!] Evan screams into the empty forest.

{Author Note: God Dam it Evan! At least let the Description be Dramatic!}

Evan somehow gets himself in a new world similar to Terraria. He tries to escape this world but finds out that he is actually one of the four legendary Heros and also is in someone else's body.

Problems start pilling up as the past of the body he's occupied starts crawling up to him and different kingdoms want a piece of him. Will Evan be able to survive this Terraria like-world and his body's past? And all the twists of this new world and the pressure of the kingdoms? Or will he die trying to save himself and his friends?


1)This novel was inspired by Terraria and lots of other fantasy novels (I mean tons)

2)This is my first novel so please have mercy.

3)Credits to Terraria from re-logic. you can check it out if you don't know about it. It's a great game.

4)Mildly strong language. (Just mildly)

5)If you spot any mistakes be sure to comment on them. (so I can fix them. Cuz, in the end, I'm just one guy. XD)

6) Story cover is not mine. It was in my gallery and I have no idea who it belongs too.