For What It's Worth // Doctor Who (Book 1 of The Guardian Chronicles)

For What It's Worth // Doctor Who (Book 1 of The Guardian Chronicles)

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Maddy By TheGameIsOn97 Updated May 12

(New) Doctor Who ~ Series 1

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The Guardian, now going by the human name Aria Carington, has lost everything because of the Time War. The only reason why she's still alive is because of the Doctor, a man she doesn't know very well. Or at least, a man she doesn't know as much as she'd like to.

You see, after having lost her family to the clutches of the Time War, the Guardian fled to the Gallifreyan countryside with its sprawling hills of red grass and silver leafed trees because she really had no where else to go. At least not until the Doctor found her and took her in before they both then entered the Time War together and ended up destroying their own planet to end it all. An action that was the cause of the Guardian finally denouncing her title before picking the human name Aria Carington.

So, with their home world now gone, "Aria" and the Doctor find themselves alone together in the universe. The Doctor harboring guilt over destroying Gallifrey and the Guardian harboring guilt over helping him. Still, no matter how either of them feels, they need each other. However, they're both damaged to the point where they can't help each other just by themselves.

And that's where fraternal twin sisters Daisy and Rose Tyler come in.

Rose, a girl with a mundane job and a hapless boyfriend. And Daisy, a girl with a job she loves but can't enjoy because of her and Rose's overbearing mother. These two sisters are exactly what the Doctor and the Guardian need.

They just don't know it yet.

Rose will be the one to help the Doctor become capable of being the man that Aria needs. And Daisy will be the one to help "Aria" see that she can be worthy of the title she no longer wants anything to do with.

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