Tidal Wave || Finnick Odair

Tidal Wave || Finnick Odair

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Lisa Anne By X-Lisa-Anne-X Updated Mar 07, 2019

"She was brave and strong and broken all at once..." Anna Funder.

Caroline Winters became the winner of the 68th Hunger Games at 17-years-old. She's struggled with the aftermath of what life is like after becoming a Victor. She does what she does to keep those she loves safe. 

The Quarter Quell is approaching and everyone has a part to play. The Mockingjay has become a symbol of hope and the rebellion was awakening. Can promises be kept? Can love remain strong through thick and thin?


The Sea of Pain and Love
Book 1 - TIDAL WAVE ||  Revision of Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Book 2 - TBD || Revision of Mockingjay Part 1 &2