This Love Is Ours (One Direction)

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Allison Summer By niallsboo Updated 3 years ago
Shanna (Sh-Anna) Elouise Snyder, 18. A young singer, and daycare worker. No one knows that she can sing except her friend, Liam Payne. Now, I know what you're thinking. She's friends with THE Liam Payne?! Well, she doesn't know that he's in a huge band! Shanna is young, fresh out of high school, and guess what, she has a baby. What more could you ask for? Seems to me she has a great life, right? Wrong! No, Shanna doesn't live a good life, until she meets Harry. Harry Styles. The curly haired boy from One Direction. But, she doesn't knowhe's from One Direction, just like Liam. Her ex boyfriend, Micheal Haywood, just won't leave her alone. So, Styles has to step in and take over. Good luck, Harry! 
    If you want to find out more about Shanna and Harry, continue to read! #sharrystyderforever aye?!
This is so goooodddd OMG. Just read the whole thing, update soonnn <33333333333
This is reeeeeally good. Keep it up! ;) -@harrys4nipples on ig
It's amazayn!!! I saw you on instagram. Oh and I LOVE Karmin!!!! I have Brokenhearted on my iPod(:
ya same here i love it i say it from instgram i am itsme2523 i cant wait for the rest of the story :D
I like it so far can't wait to read the rest!(: btw I saw this cuz of you instagram ;D
its awesome so far! :) Also,i follow you on instagram,you should drop by mine and my friends account,we co-own :) its @those_5_mammaries :) great job cant wait to see chapter 2 :)